29th Australian Garrison Battalion

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Brief History

In August 1940 some of the full time troops guarding vulnerable points around Perth and Fremantle joined with part time men recruited from RSL clubs to form 'Y' Garrison Company, Expanded in December 1941 with Japan's entry into the war, in March 1942 it was renamed 29th Australian Garrison Battalion and included all full time members of the Volunteer Defence Corps. Headquarters were established at the East Fremantle School with 'A', 'B' and 'C' Companies based in the metro area and 'D' Company in the South West. Guards for internment camps were provided from the battalion.

In May 1942 further expansion occurred with a North West Detachment formed at Northam. Proceeding north by ship, groups disembarked at Carnarvon and Onslow to form 'E' Company; and the majority continued to Port Hedland where they formed 'G' Company with local VDC men. 'G' Company's base was Marble Bar with detachments at Port Hedland and Roebourne. The final party of men sailed to Broome where they formed 'F' Company with a detachment at Derby. Together with the 11th VDC Battalion they provided defence for the north west ports.

In late 1942 Battalion headquarters relocated to Guildford, and in early 1943 the 19th Australian Garrison battalion based at Geraldton took over the north west Companies and their detachments. Some of the longer serving men in the north west companies were released to return to Perth and civilian employment. With the progress of the war, fewer guards were required and the 29th Garrison Battalion was gradually reduced in strength until late 1943 when it was downgraded to Company status, moving to Melville camp in early 1944, and disbanded in November 1944 as part of major troop reductions.

Twenty one men died while members of the unit. One killed in action; one from injuries received; three from Accidents; three drowned; and 13 from illness.

Unit Personnel


Material sourced from The Unit Guide Volume 2 - The Australian Army 1939-1945; R McKenzie-Smith; 2018 & the AWM website

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