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===Battalion personnel===
===Battalion personnel===
*[[Walter David Francis Kerridge]] 22 Nov 1939 - 29 Jan 1941 - RAAF

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Unit Colour Patch

Brief History

Raised in October 1939 in Western Australia, and consisting primarily of men who had served during WW 1, the 5th Garrison Battalion was responsible for coastal defence. The 5th Garrison Battalion was responsible for the Fremantle/Perth area, land based batteries at Swanbourne and Arthurs Head, Fremantle. The battalion had its headquarters in Swanbourne. From 19 April until November the 5th Garrison battalion had also assumed responsibility for the coastal guns on Rottnest Island, but the unit was disbanded in late 1944 as the threat to WA was reduced as a result of military success to the north.

Battalion personnel


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