8th Australian Supply Depot Company

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Brief History

When AASC units in Western Australia were re-organised in May 1943 the 8th Supply Personnel Company provided staff for both the 7th and 8th Supply Depot Companies. HQ 8th Australian Supply Company was at West Midland with 56 Supply Depot Platoon; the detachment at Northam became the 57th Supply Depot Platoon, the one at Karrakatta; the 58th Supply Depot Platoon; at Melville the 59th Supply Depot Platoon; 60 Supply Depot Platoon was formed from detachments at Rottnest and Chidlows; 61 Supply Depot Platoon from detachments at Exmouth, Albany and Harvey; 62nd Supply Depot Platoon from those at Narrogin, Morowa, Dalwallinu and Goomalling; and the detachment at the Perth Metropolitan Markets became the 63rd Supply Depot Platoon. The platoons were to move wherever the needs of the time dictated, with the HQ unit remaining at West Midland.

In February 1944 63 Supply Depot Platoon moved to Victoria and the 54th Supply Depot Platoon replaced them in West Perth. 61 Supply Depot Platoon did likewise in Mid 1944, and soon after 56th Supply Depot Platoon was disbanded. At wars end the '8th Australian Supply Depot Company had platoons or detachments at Derby, Noonkanbah, Broome, Corunna Downs, Port Hedland, Onslow, Yanrey, Exmouth, Carnarvon, Geraldton, West Perth, Karrakatta, Melville, Rottnest Island, Garden Island, Merredin, Kalgoorlie, Albany and Busselton.

Unit Personnel

63rd Australian Supply Depot Platoon

Detached from Employment Companies

Detached from 124th Australian General Transport Company


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