1st Light Horse Brigade - Machine Gun Squadron

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1st Light Horse Brigade - Machine Gun Squadron
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Brief History

Originally established as Machine gun sections in each Regiment of Light Horse, the sections were in June 1917 amalgamated under Brigade control in much the same way as occurred with Machine Gun Companies amalgamating to form Battalions in the AIF. So each Light Horse Brigade had a Machine Gun Squadron established under Command to best provide fire support, equipped with Vickers medium machine guns.

The soldiers in the Squadron were drawn from the three Regiments of the Brigade; the 1st 2nd and 3rd Light Horse Regiments, with personnel coming primarily from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania.

The Squadron supported its parent Brigade and its subordinate units throughout the Egypt and Palestine campaigns 1916-18.

Elements of this Squadron provided fire support at the famous charge at the Battle of Beersheba on 1 October 1917.[1]

WW1 Engagements

Includes while separate Machine Gun Sections.

Gallipoli Campaign

  • Landing at Anzac Cove
  • Battle of Sari Bair
  • Battle of the Nek
  • Battle of Chunuk Bair

Sinai and Palestine Campaign

  • Battle of Romani
  • Battle of Bir el Ard
  • Battle of Magdhaba
  • Battle of Rafa
  • Second Battle of Gaza
  • Battle of Beersheba
  • Battle of Mughar Ridge
  • Battle of Jerusalem (1917)
  • Capture of Jericho
  • First Transjordan attack on Amman
  • First Battle of Amman (1918)
  • Second Transjordan attack on Shunet Nimrin and Es Salt
  • Third Transjordan attack
  • Second Battle of Amman (1918)


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