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Brief History

In mid 1944 units were being assembled in Queensland to support eh 1st Australian Cops proposed landings in the Pacific theatre. Each landing would require an advance Ordnance Depot to account for and distribute stores to the units involved in the landings. In August 1944 this unit was established at Gaythorne in Queensland, comprising one officer and 43 other ranks.

With the 1st Australian Corps tasked to liberate Borneo the unit proceeded to a stagging base at Morotai where it was divided into four detachments of between 10 and 12 men. One landed with troops at Tarakan in May 1945; one at Labuan in British North Borneo during June; and a third at Balikpapan in the Netherlands East Indies in July. The fourth detachment comprising the unit's headquarters remained on Morotai until it moved to Labuan in August.


Content has come from a combination The Unit Guide - The Australian Army 1939-45, and the Australian War Memorial website.

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