HMHS Newhaven

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HMHS Newhaven
Name HMHS Newhaven
Builder Forges et Chaniers de la Mediteranee, Le Havre
Launched 1911
General characteristics
Type Ferry (steam turbine)


During WW1, she was initially used by the French for use as an auxiliary cruiser, but later transferred to the British Flag for use as a Hospital Ship. She carried 3 Medical officers, 4 Nurses and 27 others, to service up 6 Officer patients, 19 in Cots and 138 in Berths. She served in this role from 7 May 1915. From May/June 1917 the Newhaven became an Ambulance Transport, meaning that it as no longer protected by treaty or entitled to the distinctive livery of a red cross on a white background. She could, however, carry troops.

Recovered by her owners in July 1919 she was, along with her sister the Rouen, the mainstay of the French side of the Newhaven-Dieppe cross channel service during the 1920's and 30's. The Newhaven was taken over by the Germans in 1940 and used as a troop transport in the Baltic during World War II. Recovered in 1945, her refitting as a passenger vessel was considered too costly and she was sold for scrap in 1949.

List of soldiers carried

Étaples to England 9 Jun 1916

Calais to England 25 July 1916

Boulogne to England 3 August 1916

Calais to England 12 August 1916

Calais to England 20 August 1916

Calais to England 5 November 1916

Calais to England 23 November 1916

Calais to England 15 December 1916

Calais to England 14 May 1917

France to England 27 September 1917

France to England 30 September 1917

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Étaples to England 21 March 1918

Étaples to England 26 March 1918

Étaples to England 6 April 1918

Étaples to England 11 April 1918

France to England 25 Aug 1918