New Guinea Line of Command Area BIPOD

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Brief History

With the expansion of the Port Moresby garrison in early 1942 the single section of the 8th Military District BIPOD, established in Brisbane during December 1941, moved to the 15 mile depot. The unit expanded in May 1942 and was reorganised as the New Guinea Line of Command Area BIPOD, with a HQ element and 5 Sections. In October a section moved to Milne Bay, and an additional Section, raised in Townsville moved to Oro Bay in February 1943 as 6 Section.

Reorganised as 2 BIPOD with Sections 1 - 4 in Port Moresby becoming 1 - 4 Platoons, with a 5th Platoon to service Bulldog units. At this time the detachments at Milne Bay and Buna were transferred to 3 BIPOD. 52 BIPOD Platoon arrived in August and released 5 Platoon to Wau in January 1944 and Lae in April. After its capture, Lae was developed as a major base, and the unit in Port Moresby was reduced, with 2,3, and 5 Platoons leaving for Australian leave, reforming at Chermside where they were redesignated as 65th BIPOD Platoon, 66th BIPOD Platoon and 64th BIPOD Platoon respectively as part of 2 BIPOD. 1 Platoon at Port Moresby became 62nd BIPOD Platoon, and 4 Platoon became 63rd BIPOD Platoon, with these units moving back to Redcliffe in September 1944 to rejoin 2 BIPOD.

In March 1945 63rd BIPOD platoon moved back to New Guinea to support the 6th Infantry Division at Aitape while 62nd BIPOD Platoon, 65th BIPOD Platoon and a Section of 64th BIPOD Platoon left for Morotai to support operations at Tarakan and Labuan in British North Borneo.66th BIPOD Platoon left for Balikpapan in May 1945 and the remaining sections of 64th BIPOD Platoon left for Tarakan in June. HQ 2nd BIPOD remained in Queensland untuil the end of the war.

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