No. 2 Stores Depot RAAF

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2 Stores Depot.jpg
'Martin's Corner' 2 Stores Depot HQ May 1944
2 Stores Depot 2.jpg
Aircraft engine storage area - 2 Stores Depot

Brief History

No. 2 Stores Depot was formed at Waterloo on 29 July 1940, when six buildings in Elizabeth Street were taken over from Borthwick's Paint and Varnish Factory. During the early part of 1944, instructions were issued to disguise RAAF buildings to look like commercial firms : the name 'Martin's Corner' was painted on the front of 2 Stores Depot's headquarters building in honour of Wing Commander jack Marlin, the Commanding Officer. Between 2nd and 5th November 1944, a team visited the Depot to establish the requirements for the introduction of accounting machines, and the first 48 National Cash Register 'book-keeping' machines, for distribution to all stores depots, arrived on 8 July 1945.

An additional task during December 1941 was to provide supply support to both the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and Royal Air Force elements in the area, both of wh1ch were beginning a build up of forces in Australia. No. 2 Stores Depot received its first three forklifts on loan from the Department of Supply and Shipping during April 1945. At the end of the War, the Depot strength was 21 officers and 321 airmen, three WAAAF officers and 122 airwomen. There were also supernumeraries: 30 radar operators, 14 recorders and 16 aircrew, giving a total unit strength o5 527 personnel. Following the end of the War, the major part of the Depot's work was collecting and disposing of surplus equipment and stock. The depot moved soon after the war finished to Regent's Park, finally closing in 1994.

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