SS Île de France

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SS Île de France.jpg
Name SS Île de France
Builder/Built 1926 Saint-Nazaire
Type Ocean Liner
Displacement 44,356 tons
Speed 23 .5 knots


Built for the "French Line" or CGT. The first liner ever to be decorated almost entirely with modern designs associated with the Art Deco style

Ironically, all of the ship's luxurious fittings were removed for its conversion into a prison ship during World War II. After the war, Île de France resumed transatlantic operations. In 1956, she played a key role in rescuing passengers from the SS Andrea Doria after the latter ship's fatal collision with the MS Stockholm off Nantucket. Scrapped in Osaka, Japan, 1959.

Soldiers carried

Fremantle to Port Tewfik 19 April - 14 May 1941

Embarked 16 April, sailed 19 April 1941.

Kantara to Adelaide 30 January - 23 March 1942

Disembarked at Bombay 6 Feb 1942 & transferred 9 Feb 1942 to SS Kosciusko , SS Madras City or SS City of Paris

Disembarked from SS Kosciusko in Fremantle and went AWOL

Middle East to Fremantle via Massawa & Maldive Islands 29 Jan - 19 Feb 1943