SS Carpentaria

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Name SS Carpentaria
Builder/Built 1901 in Glasgow
Type Passenger / cargo
Displacement 5,766 tons
Speed 16.5 knots


Owned by the British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd of Calcutta.

She is what is known as a shelter-deck steamer, that is, with a full sweep of decking running right fore and aft, and possessed, comparatively speaking, limited passenger accommodation, and still less top hamper.

Soldiers carried

England to Fremantle 20 August - 28 September 1918

Sydney to Fremantle 7 - ? November 1918

Ship was recalled, but with cargo aboard we might assume that she continued to England as the men transferred at some point to SS Riverina, a coastal ship primarily operating out of Fremantle. They arrived back in Sydney aboard the Riverina on 28 Nov 1918.