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|  label2  = Name
|  label2  = Name
|  data2  = Ballarat Ex-POW Memorial
|  data2  = The Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial
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|  label3  = Location

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Ballarat POW Memorial
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Ballarat POW Memorial centre piece
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Walls with names engraved
Monument Details
Name The Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial
Location Botanical Gardens, Ballarat, Victoria
Dedication Date 6 Feb 2004


The Memorial symbolizes that all Australian prisoners embarked to serve away from their homeland, and acknowledges the hardship, deprivation, brutality, starvation and disease endured by many Prisoners of War during their capture and the scars many continued to endure upon their repatriation to Australia.


Set in Ballarat's magnificent Botanical Gardens the Memorial is a place of quiet reflection and a place to remember loved ones and to mourn those 8,600 Prisoners of War who died in captivity and remain buried on foreign shores.


Wall with names engraved, split mid point by six erect stones adorned with the name of country or area of conflict where POWs were taken prisoner. Names are displayed alphabetical by conflict.

Monument Details

† Died while a Prisoner of War

World War I 1914 - 1918




World War II 1939 - 1945