VC Corner Memorial

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Monument Details
Name V.C. Corner Australian Cemetery and Memorial
Location Approx 2 km northwest of village of Fromelles on rue Delval.
Dedication Date 1921


The site was constructed during 1920 and 1921. The name has no obvious relation to actions in the region of Fromelles. However it is thought to refer to a nickname soldiers gave the area during the war referring either to the bravery of the Australian troops or the danger of the place.

The cemetery contains a total of 1185 bodies (1178 Australian) including 410 unidentified bodies retrieved from the battlefield after the Armistice, that is, more than two years after the battle. There are no headstones in the cemetery, being replaced by two large concrete crosses laid face down in the grass to mark where the soldiers are buried. Although the graves are not individually marked, these are individual graves, not a mass grave, as can be seen on the CWGC cemetery plan.


The cemetery is 2 kilometres north-west of Fromelles on the road to Sailly


Monument Details