Western Australian Line of Communications Area AASC School

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Brief History

Little is now known about this unit but it was operating in July 1942, co-located with the Western Australian Lines of Command Area AASC Training Depot at Northam. It is probable that it was absorbed into the 2nd AASC Training Centre in or around February 1943.

2nd AASC Training Centre was raised in December 1941 at Northam under the name Western Command Training Depot AASC as part of the overarching Western Command Training Centre. In May 1942 their name changed to Western Australian Lines of Communication Area AASC Training Depot. In November 1942 a re-organisation of AASC Training Units saw them rebadged as 8th AASC Training Company and in April the AASC training units were concentrated at Bonegilla in Victoria with the exception of the WA unit due to distance. The WA unit was relabeled as the2nd AASC Training Centre. However it was closed in January 1944 with all AASC training now occurring at Bonegilla.



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