109th Anti-Aircraft Training Battery

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109 AA Tng Battery.jpg
3 inch gun used by the Training battery

Brief History

Came into being first as the 9th Anti-Tank Training Battery, having formed in Northam in late 1941. It was later mobilised as the 109th Anti-Tank Training Battery' at Point Walter in December 1941. Once the regiment was at full strength the training role was handled by the 3rd Field Anti-Tank Battery, leaving the 109th Ant-Tank Training Battery to be re-tasked as the 109th Anti-Aircraft Training Battery with the role of training all Anti-Aircraft reinforcements in WA. In December they moved to the Richmond Park Trotting Ground in East Fremantle before re-locating in June 1943 to the Inglewood Oval where the 3 inch guns were used to train VDC soldiers to man the Anti-Aircraft defences. IOn April 1944 all artillery training was centralised in NSW.

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