73rd Australian Camp Hospital

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Brief History

In June 1940 an existing Camp Dressing Station at Caulfield in Victoria was upgraded to Camp Hospital Caulfield. They moved to Ivanhoe in early 1942 to become Camp Hospital Ivanhoe before moving to Fishermans Bend in July, becoming Camp Hospital Fishermans Bend, and became involved in a renumbering exercise involving Camp Hospitals. Thu in November 1942 they became 73rd Australian Camp Hospital (Comp) including the Regimental Aide Post (RAP) at Caulfield and the Medical Post at Ivanhoe. In December 1943 a further detachment moved to Maribyrnong, and the Ivanhoe Medical Post was closed, as was the Caulfield RAP in February 1944. All RAPS in the Melbourne metropolitan area servicing the Melbourne Anti Aircraft Group then joined the unit, which was disbanded in March 1945.



Content has come from The Unit Guide - Volume 4 - The Australian Army 1939-1945, page 4.145 - Graham R McKenzie-Smith - Big Sky Publishing - 2018

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