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Brief History

Mobilised in December 1941 at Beaufort Street, Perth, the Area Signals Company, Western Command Signals, it initially formed one company of a divisional signals regiment with varying numbers of men in its wireless, line, operating and maintenance sections. In April 1942 an Army re-organisation led to 'HQ Western Command becoming HQ 3rd Australian Corps and in May Western Command Signals was absorbed by Southern Command Signals. In May 1942 Area Signals Company became Area Signals, WA Lines of Communication.

In August the unit moved to Leederville with detachments throughout the north west of the state. In June 1943 they were re-organised as 15th Line of Communication Signals, and in August the detachment at Halls creek returned to Perth as the Kimberley area now came under NT Force. By October 1943 the need for signals personnel was declining in WA as the war moved northwards. The Leederville sections became known as 3rd Company, 15th Lines of Communication Signals. As the number of trained AWAS increased they gradually took over manning of he communications system.

A November 1944 re-organisation of the signals system resulted in renaming of Companies such that 1st Company 15th L of C Signals took over the wireless, line and maintenance sections, with the original 3rd Company" now known as 2nd Company 15th Line of Communication Signals. They were responsible all operating and despatch rider sections. This unit then continued to operate out of Leederville until hte end of teh war with 7th Operating Section and 79th Switchboard Operating Section.

Unit Personnel

80th Australian Switchboard Operating Section


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