Arthurs Battery

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Brief History

Established in 1906 with two six inch guns at Arthurs Head overlooking the Fremantle port entrance, a late 1940 re-organisation of coast defence, it was manned by a mix of permanent military personnel and militiamen, it was known as Arthurs Battery. In late 1942 the large guns were moved to a new battery site at Buckland Hill in Mosman Park. In February 1943 the site became known as Leighton Battery. Meanwhile the smaller guns from Arthurs Head moved to a new Harbour Battery in October.

From early 1943 VDC soldiers from F Company, 3rd VDC Battalion began training in order that fewer permanent army staff were required. During 1944 the AMF strength gradually decreased and in September Leighton Battery (VDC) was absorbed into Fremantle Coast Artillery (VDC). In 1944 Buckland Hill was selected as a site for three new 5.25 inch guns with dual capacity for air and surface defence. Another AA/CA battery was proposed for Garden Island, with personnel from 25th HAA (Static) on Garden Island and CA men from Leighton Battery to form the 802nd Anti Aircraft/Coast Artillery Battery and the 804th Anti Aircraft/Coast Artillery Battery. While the 802nd Battery remained operational at Leighton Hill until the end of the war, the 804th Anti Aircraft/Coast Artillery Battery was disbanded later that month.

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