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10th Field Company Engineers
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Brief History

The 10th Field Company was attached to the 10th Brigade, 3rd Division AIF on the Western Front.

Engineers, also known as sappers, were essential to the running of the war. Without them, other branches of the Allied Forces would have found it difficult to cross the muddy and shell-ravaged ground of the Western Front. Their responsibilities included constructing the lines of defence, temporary bridges, tunnels and trenches, observation posts, roads, railways, communication lines, buildings of all kinds, showers and bathing facilities, and other material and mechanical solutions to the problems associated with fighting in all theatres[1]

Only rudimentary initial training was undertaken before elements of the division began the embarkation process in May and June 1916 as they were moved to the United Kingdom, where the individual sub units concentrated for the first time, received arms and other equipment and began the task of undertaking further training at Lark Hill, on Salisbury Plain. In early Nov 1916 two divisional exercises were undertaken.

Finally, on 21 Nov 1916, the 3rd Division crossed the English Channel and arrived in France. Under the command of Major General John Monash, the division was assigned to II ANZAC Corps.

Battle Honours 10th Brigade

  • Messines
  • Broodeseinde
  • Passchendaele
  • Amiens
  • Mont St Quentin
  • Hindenburg Line
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