Faversham Convalescent Home

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Faversham Convalescent Home
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Brief History

Faversham House is a heritage-listed "grand residence" overlooking Avon Terrace in York, Western Australia. The house, named after the birthplace of John Henry Monger Snr, was built in four stages by the Monger family, with the initial smaller residence in use from as early as 1844. With almost fifty rooms, Faversham House was one of the largest colonial residences in York, with the second stage built with convict labour.

At the beginning of World War Two, Mrs. Monger presented Faversham House to the Australian Government and the Red Cross. During the war, it was used as a hospital and convalescent home for servicemen who had been in action in the Middle East and New Guinea to recuperate. In 1945, the property was leased to the Dutch government to house refugees escaping from the war. The Returned and Services League of Australia also used Faversham House during this period.



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