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LST 3035.jpg
Name HMAS Lae (LST 3035)
Owner Royal Australian navy
Builder William Denny & Brothers, Dumbarton, Scotland
Launched 24 Oct 1944
In service 15 Jul 1946 (RAN)
Out of service 3 Nov 1956
Fate Ran aground and abandoned South Percy Island
General characteristics
Type Landing Ship Tank (Mk3)
Tonnage 2,300 tons
Length 347 feet (106m)
Beam 55 feet 3 inches (16.84m)
Depth 12 feet 6 inches (3.81m)
Speed 13.5 knots
Capacity crew 104


Initial service was with Royal Navy as LST 3035 until 1 Jul 1946 when with other LSTs she was transferred to the Australian navy who commissioned her as HMAS Lae. However, as she was placed in reserve in late 1946, she saw little if any real service with the Australian navy. She may have had a scratch crew as late as 1947.

Sold for scrapping to Hong Kong on 9 Nov 1955, she and the former HMAS Labuan were under tow for Hong Kong with a low of scrap metal in late 1956. On 3 Nov 1956, HMAS Lae ran aground on South Percy Island. After attempts were made to recover her cargo she was abandoned.

Crew members