HMAS Shepparton

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HMAS Shepparton
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Navy photo
Name HMAS Shepparton
Owner Royal Australian Navy
Builder Melbourne Harbour Trust, Williamstown
Launched 15 Aug 1942
Completed 1 Feb 1943
In service 1 Feb 1943
Out of service 10 May 1946
Fate Sold for scrap to Japan
General characteristics
Type Bathurst Class Corvette / Minesweeper
Tonnage 650 tons
Length 186 feet (56.7m)
Beam 31 feet (9.45m)
Depth 8 feet 6 inches (2.59m)
Propulsion 1750 HP
Speed 15 knots
Capacity 81 crew


One of 60 Australian Minesweepers (commonly known as corvettes) built during World War II in Australian shipyards as part of the Commonwealth Government's wartime shipbuilding programme. She differed from the rest of her class by having a 'monkey island' fixed above her bridge.

Following trials she was sent to New Guinea in late April 1943 to perform duties of a Survey ship. Apart from the odd visit to Queensland ports, she remained on survey duties around the New guinea and New Britain coast lines for he next 17 months. Her final survey duties involved the Endeavour Strait and Scotts Reef.

Transferred to Darwin in October 1944, she joined the Survey Unit then conducting surveys in north west Australian waters. Following a minor refit in January 1945 she returned to Darwin to survey work between Cape Croker and New Year Island. At the completion of the survey she sailed to Thursday Island and resumed survey of the Torres Strait before spending 10 days surveying Simpson Harbour, Rabaul on New Britain, followed by soundings in Jacquinot Bay, and then three weeks surveying the approaches to Torokina in the Solomon Islands.

Battle Honours

  • Pacific 1941-45
  • New Guinea 1942-44

Crew members