HMAS Westralia

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Name SS Westralia
Builder/Built 1929 Harland & Wolff, Govan
Type Passenger / cargo ship
Displacement 8,108 tons
Speed 14 knots


Built for Huddard Parker Lines of Melbourne who operated her until 1939 when she was requisitioned by the Australian Navy. During WW2 she played her role as an Armed merchant cruiser (1940-1943); a Landing Ship Infantry (1943-1946); and a Troop Transport (1946-1951) in support of the Occupying Forces for Japan. In 1951 she returned to her owners for civilian use.

Her service as a Merchant Cruiser was spent as convoy escort in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, including escort of Sparrow Force to Timor. In Cairns a mutiny on her was put down with 104 sailors arrested - the records of punishments and legal proceeding have been lost. As an LSI she had a capacity of over 900 soldiers, and most of those carried were US Army or Marines. Later use involved the repatriation of Australian troops. In 1946 she was to be returned to her owners but was instead used to operate between Sydney and Kure in support of the the British Commonwealth Occupation Force, although this time under civilian management.

In 1959 she was sold to the Asian and pacific Shipping Co ltd for use as a livestock carrier. Initially she was named Delfino, but his later changed to Wolambi. In 1961 she was sold for scrap.

Crew members

Soldiers carried

Morotai to Tarakan 4 - 7 May 1945

Morotai to Ambon 21 - 23 September 1945

Rabaul to Brisbane 8 - 13 December 1945

Darwin to Sydney 29 February - 8 March 1946