HMAT A17 Port Lincoln

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HMAT A17 Port Lincoln.jpg
Name HMAT A17 Port Lincoln
Builder/Built 1912 Hawthorn, Leslie, Hebburn of Newcastle
Type Single screw cargo steamship
Displacement 7,243 tons
Speed 13 knots


Owners were the Commonwealth and Dominion Line, London. From 1912 the owners negotiated a contract with the Victorian state government to carry emigrants. She could carry 600 steerage class passengers between decks in dormitories. The ship was leased in 1914 by the Commonwealth of Australia until 26 Sep 1917. She completed eight transport voyages from Australia.

After WW1 her name changed three times with ownership. SS Cambrian Princess in 1927, Clan Graham in 1930, and Maritima in 1938. She was torpedoed and sunk by submarine (U-522) 830 kilometers north east of St Johns Newfoundland on 2 Nov 1942.

Soldiers carried

Melbourne to England 4 May 1916 - ??June 1916