HMAT A41 Bakara

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HMAT A41 Bakara.jpg
Name HMAT A41 Bakara
Builder/Built Flensburger Schiffbau Ges., Flensburg, Germany
Type Cargo vessel (Single screw, refrigerated)
Displacement 5,930 tons
Speed 10.5 knots


Originally named the "Cannatatt" and operated by the Deutsch-Australische DG of Hamburg. Seized as a war prize by the Australian Government in 1915, and manned by Australian Officers and Crew. The Bakara completed 5 journeys to war zones as a troopship and two others carrying general cargo to England. Transferred to the Commonwealth Government Line on 1 May 1918.

Sold to North_German Lloyd in 1925, and renamed Witell. Sold again in 1936 and known as Rosario before being surrendered to Britain in 1945, and allocated to Denmark. Renamed Albertina in 1948, and again sold and renamed in 1950 as Kotka. She was scuttled in the mid Atlantic on 23 Jul 1956.

Soldiers carried

England to Fremantle 22 December 1918 - 5 February 1919