HMAT A43 Barunga

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HMAT A43 Barunga.jpg
Name HMAT A43 Barunga
Builder/Built Flensburger Schiffsbau Ges., Flensburg
Displacement 7,484 tons
Speed 11 knots


In 1914 the SS Sumatra was seized in Sydney from its German owners (the Deutsche-Australische Line), and manned by Australian Officers and crew. She completed tree trips carrying troops from Australia, and one in Oct 1917 carrying cargo only.

Torpedoed and sunk in the North Atlantic 15 Jul 1918 with 7289 Pte Thomas Alfred Osborne aboard. He survived to continue home on the SS Carpentaria.

Soldier carried

10 - 15 Jul 1918 England untill sunk by U-Boat