HMAT A44 Vestalia

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HMAT A44 Vestalia.jpg
Royal Museum Greenwich P13655
Name HMAT A44 Vestalia
Builder/Built 1912 Russell & Co, Port Glasgow
Type dry cargo tramp steamer
Displacement 5,528 tons
Speed 15 knots


Owned by Gow, Harrison & Co, Glasgow and leased by the Commonwealth until 10 Mar 1917 when she was transferred to the British Admiralty, during which time she completed five journeys from Australiaas a troop ship, and one carrying cargo alone.

Post war it returned to normal service until sold to Coumantaros Bros in 1933. Owned by a succession of Greek ship owners before being bombed and sunk by German aircraft in Suda Bay on 2 Apr 1941.

Soldiers carried

Sydney to England 11 July - 9 September 1916