HMAT A50 Itonus

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Name HMAT A50 Itonus
Builder/Built 1898 Vickers Maxim, Barrow
Type Cable ship (twin screw)
Displacement 6,538 tons
Speed 10.5 knots


Originally the SS Anglia built for Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Co Ltd, London. Sold 1907 to Archibald Currie & Co (Currie Line, Melbourne) who converted it into a cargo ship. Name changed to Itonus before Currie was taken over by the British India Steam Ship Co Ltd. Requisitioned by the Commonwealth Government.

After her first journey to Egypt, she was retained there and used to transport New Zealand troops to Gallipoli landing these troops in late afternoon of 25 Apr 1915.

Used as a Hospital Ship during the duration of Gallipoli before returning to troop carrying in 1916 (total of three trips as a trooper).

Torpedoed and sunk near Malta by U-38 on 20 Dec 1916 as she was making her way from Marseilles to Sydney. Five crew members perished.

Medical Staff

Fremantle to Port Suez 22 February - 24 March 1915

Soldiers carried

Fremantle to Port Suez 22 February - 17 March 1915

Port Suez to Fremantle 10 June 1916 - ?? July 1916

Brisbane to Fremantle 8 August - 23 August 1916