HMAT A72 Beltana

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HMAT A72 Beltana.jpg
Name HMAT A72 Beltana
Builder/Built 1912 Caird & Co, Greenock
Type passenger / cargo ship (twin screw)
Displacement 11,167 tons
Speed 14 knots


Owned by the Peninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Co, Ltd, London. Used on the London to Cape Town, Melbourne and Sydney route prior to WW1.

Leased by the Commonwealth until 14 Sep 1917 when her management was transferred to the British Admiralty. Made at least five journeys between Australia and Egypt or England.

In 1919 she resumed her Australian service via Suez, until in 1930 when she was sold to Japan with the intention of being turned into a whale factory ship. However, she was laid up and eventually scrapped in 1933.

Soldiers carried

Sydney to Devonport, England 13 May 1916 - 9 Jul 1916

England to Fremantle 17 March - 5 May 1917

England to Fremantle 18 October - 3 December 1917