HMAT A9 Shropshire

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HMAT A9 Shropshire.jpg
Name HMAT A9 Shropshire
Builder/Built 1911 John Brown, Clydebank
Type Passenger / cargo steamship (twin screw)
Displacement 11,911 tons
Speed 14 knots


Built for the Federal Steam Navigation Co Ltd, London, and employed on passenger and meat trade between New Zealand and Britain. Leased by the Commonwealth until 5 Aug 1917 when control passed to the British Admiralty. Was a member of the first convoy from Albany to Alexandria. Completed seven voyages from Australia.

In 1923 was renamed Rotorua for the New Zealand Shipping Co. Became a casualty of WW2, being torpedoed by a submarine in the North Atlantic on 11 Dec 1940.

Soldiers carried

Melbourne to Alexandria 20 Mar - ? Apr 1915

Fremantle to Port Suez 31 March - 24 Apr 1916