HMHS Assaye

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HMHS Assaye SA SRG 4351-1-282.jpg
Australian War Memorial P01840.007
Name HMHS Assaye
Builder/Built 1899 Caird & Company, Greenock
Type Passenger Liner (twin Screw)
Displacement 7,396 tons
Speed 16 knots


Owned by the Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company. Used as a Boer War transport soon after launching, also served during the Boxer Rising in China, before becoming a peacetime Indian troopship. Some commercial use in 1908 - 14 before being hired by the Admiralty first as a troops hip and then as a Hospital Ship.

Carried 8 Medical Officers, 10 Nurses and 45 other medical staff to look after up to 8 Officer casualties, 100 in cots, and 333 in berths. Served until 2 Mar 1920.

Soldiers carried

Alexandria - Mudros 4 - 7 December 1915

Bombay to Cape Town 24 April - 12 May 1918

Haifa to Alexandria 9 - 11 October 1918

Tripoli to Alexandria ? November 1918