HMHS Franconia

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HMHS Franconia.jpg
Name HMHS Fanconia
Builder/Built 1910 Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Newcastle upon Tyne
Type Ocean Liner
Displacement 18,150 tons
Speed 17 knots


An Ocean Liner operated by the Cunard Line on the Liverpool to Boston USA route until 1915.

In early 1915 she was taken into service as a troop transport, and on 4 Oct 1916 while heading for Salonika she was torpedoed by the German U-Boat UB-47 when 325 km east of Malta. She was not carrying troops at the time, but 12 of the crew of 314 perished. HMHS Dover Castle saved the others.

Soldiers carried

Malta to England 25 August - 8 September 1915

Gibraltar to England 10 - 12 November 1915

Alexandria, Egypt to England May - June 1916