HMHS Glenart Castle

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HMHS Glenart Castle.jpg
Name HMHS Glenart Castle
Builder/Built 1900 Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Type Passenger / cargo ship
Displacement 6,807 tons
Speed 12.5 knots


Built for the Union-Castle Line, her original name was Galacian. In 1914 she was requisitioned for use as a Hospital Ship.

On 1 March 1917 she struck a mine in the English Channel, but was repaired and returned to service. On 26 Feb 1918, however, despite being lit up at night as was required of Hospital ships, she was sunk by a torpedo from the U-Boat UC-56. Sinking in a short space of time and with most lifeboats damaged by the blast, only 32 Survivors were found. 162 personnel had perished, including most of the crew, eight nurses, and seven Medical officers along with 99 of their patients.

Soldiers carried

Mudros to Alexandria 28 - 30 October 1915

Mudros to Alexandria 7 -10 December 1915