HMHS Gloucester Castle

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HMHS Gloucester Castle.jpg
Name HMHS Gloucester Castle
Builder/Built 1911 Fairfields S&E, Glasgow
Type Passenger and general cargo ship
Displacement 7,999 tons
Speed 13 knots


Built for the Union-Castle Line, requisitioned for use as a Hospital Ship. She was torpedoed by U-Boat UB32 on 31 Mar 1917 off the Isle of Wright, but able to be salvaged and after the war returned to civilian service.

In 1942 she was sunk by the German commerce raider Michel off Ascension Island in the South Atlantic.

Soldiers carried

Anzac Cove to Alexandria 4 -9 May 1915

Mudross to Malta 11 - 20 July 1915

Mudros to Alexandria 7-10 August 1915

Anzac Cove to Alexandria 30 Aug - 2 Sep 1915

Anzac Cove to Mudros 26 September 1915

France to England 21 Jan 1917

France to England 10 March 1917

France to England 16 March 1917

France to England 2 August 1918

France to England 5 October 1918

France to England 28 October 1918