HMHS Goorkha

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Name HMHS Goorkha
Builder/Built 1897 Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Type Passenger Liner
Displacement 6,287 tons
Speed 12.5 knots


Owned by the Union Castle Mail Steamship Co Ltd. She was commissioned by the Admiralty as a Hospital Ship on 20 Oct 1914, and fitted out with 408 beds.

The Goorkha was mined off Malta on 10 Oct 1917. The 362 on board including 17 nursing sisters all survived as she was cleared in 35 minutes. Towed into Malta Harbour where on 18 Oct 1917 she was returned to Union-Castle for repairs and resumption of hospital ship services until the end of hostilities or later. Responsibility for running the ship seems to have moved from the Naval authorities to the ship's owners when she resumed duties. In September 1918 she carried wounded from Salonika to Malta. [1]

The Ghoorkha was laid up at Netley, Southampton Water in 1926 and broken up in 1928.

Soldiers carried

Alexandria to England 26 September - 6 October 1915

France to England 25 April 1919