HMHS Guildford Castle

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HMHS Guildford Castle.jpg
Name HMHS Guildford Castle
Builder/Built 1911 Barclay, Curle & Company, Glasgow
Type passenger / cargo vessel
Displacement 7,995 tons
Speed 13 knots


Owned by the Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company. At the outbreak of WW1, the Guildford castle participated in the first troop convoy from England to Europe before being commissioned as a hospital ship with 427 beds serviced by nine medical officers , 13 nurses and 59 other medical staff. She served in this role from 22 Sep 1914 until 19 Nov 1918. During the Gallipoli campaign she saw service in the eastern Mediterranean.

On 10 Mar 1918 enroute to Avonmouth she was hit by a torpedo that failed to explode.

Decommissioned on 9 Nov 1918 she returned to commercial service of African routes.

On 31 May 1933 she collided with the blue Funnel Line ship SS Stentor in the River Elbe estuary due to pilot error. Two people lost their lives, and she was beached the following day and declared a total constructive loss.

Soldiers carried

Rouen France to England 18 June 1918

France to England 24 August 1918

France to England 6 September 1918

France to England 18 October 1918