HMHS Sicilia

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HMHS Sicilia Photo Clyde Marine
Name HMHS Sicilia
Builder/Built 1900 Barclay Curle & Company, Glasgow
Type Passenger / cargo liner / troopship
Displacement 6,696 tons
Speed 14 knots


Built for the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, the first of five sister ships - Somali, Soudan, Syria, and Sardinia. Sardinia was the only one not to serve as a Hospital Ship.

Her maiden voyage was trooping to Calcutta, and she spent the 1901 - 1903 period trooping to the Boer War. From 1903-1905 trooping to India before being laid up in 1905. In 1906 she was again used for general trooping before in 1907 returning to the Indian run. In 1908 she spread her wings to include trooping to China with India.

On 10 Sep 1914 she was requisitioned for service as a hospital ship, and her service included the Dardanelles, having been present at the landings, and on the Southampton - Boulogne run. On 11 Sep 1918 she was returned to her owners, who in Jan 1926 sold her to Kishimoto Kisen K.K., Japan for scrapping.

Soldiers carried

Gallipoli to Malta ? - 16 Jul 1915