HMHS St Patrick

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HMHS St Patrick.jpg
Name HMHS St Patrick
Builder/Built 1906 John Brown, Clydebank
Type Channel Ferry
Displacement 2,531 tons


She was owned by Fishguard & Rosslare Railways and Harbours Company and was used as a ferry between Fishguard and Rosslare. From 1914 to 1919 she was requisitioned as a hospital ship, HMHS St Patrick. Along with her sister ships the St. David and St. Andrew she was one of the first five ships to be requisitioned during the First World War and converted to a hospital ship with a capacity of 146 berths and 28 cots, remaining in service until January 1919.

She was destroyed when she caught fire at Fishguard in 1929; scrapped by T W Ward Ltd.

Soldiers carried

Boulogne to England 29 June 1916

Rouen to England 7 August 1916

France to England 5 September 1916

Rouen, France to England 14 February 1917

France to England 3 May 1917

Boulogne to England 11 June 1917

France to England 13 June 1917

France to England April 1918

France to England 20 Apr 1918

France to England 8 July 1918

France to England 13 July 1917

France to England 28 August 1918

France to England 2 September 1918

France to England 21 October 1918