HMHS Western Australia

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HMHS Western Australia
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Name HMHS Western Australia
Builder ST Triestino, San Marco
Launched 1901
General characteristics
Tonnage 2.937 tons


Originally built for the Russian Government and called the 'Mongolia", the Western Australian Government bought the ship from its then Danish owners to work the North West of the state, Found to be unsuitable she was sent to the UK to be sold, but with the outbreak of war she was taken over by the Admiralty and converted into a fast Hospital Ship. Worked the Southampton to Le Havre route and up river to Rouen. On 20 Mar 1918 (when, like the Warilda, serving as an ambulance-transport ) she was attacked by a submarine, but fortunately the torpedo missed her.

Attacked by a U-Boat on 20 Mar 1918, fortunately the torpedo missed and she escaped. At the conclusion of the war she was sold to foreign owners.

Soldiers carried

Boulogne to England 19 August 1916

Rouen to England 21 August 1916

France to England 24 September 1916

France to England 8 November 1916

Rouen to England 30 November 1916

Rouen to England 14 Dec 1916

France to England 2 June 1917

France to England 9 Oct 1917

France to England 29 January 1918

Rouen to England 17 June 1918

Rouen to England 1 Jul 1918

Rouen to England 5 September 1918

Rouen to England 21 September 1918