HMPS Golden Eagle

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HMT Golden Eagle.jpg
Name HMPS Golden Eagle
Builder/Built 1909 John Brown, Clydebank
Displacement 793 tons


Owners were the General Steam Navigation Company Ltd. Regular run was London to north Kent resorts (Margate and Ramsgate). Served furing WW1 as a troop carrier between Jan 1915 and Nov 1919 during which time she carried 518,101 men across the English Channel. Also carried stores and early aircraft to France. Used during WW2 to evacuate soldiers from Dunkirk, and later London children to the east coast of England anad as a anti-aircraft ship in the Thames. After the war (1947) she returned to normal service until her withdrawl in 1951.

List of soldiers carried

Folkestone to France 17 Dec 1916

Folkestone to France 21 Feb 1917