HMT Archangel

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HMT Archangel

Builder/Built 1910 John Brown & Co of Clydebank
Type Channel Ferry
Displacement 2,448 tons
Speed 21 knots


Built for the Great Eastern Railway for use on the Harwich to Hook of Holland route, her original name was SS St Petersburg.

She was requisitioned by the Admiralty in 1916 and renamed Archangel, and used as a cross channel troopship.

After the war she returned to railway ownership. On 20 Jan 1925 she ran aground on the Hook of Holland, with all passengers taken ashore by three tugs before she was recovered.

Requisitioned again during WW2 she was bombed by German aircraft on 16 May 1941 10 kms east of Aberdeen with considerable casualties. The next day she ran ashore and broke up.

Soldiers carried

Rotterdam to Hull 30 Nov 1918