HMT Ionian

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Name HMT Ionian
Builder/Built 1901 Workman Clark & Co Ltd
Type Passenger / cargo ship (refrigerated, twin screw)
Displacement 8,265 tons
Speed 14 knots


Owned by the Allen Line and used on UK - Canada routes until requisitioned as a troop ship in 1914 (Government Transport No. 4). Also used to transport wounded form Gallipoli to Alexandria.

In 1917 she was taken over by the Canadian Pacific Steamships Line, and on 21 Oct 1917 she was sunk off Milford Haven in Wales by a mine with the loss of 7 lives.

In civilian format she could carry 131 first class passengers, 160 second class, and 800 in sterrage.

Soldiers carried

Gallipoli to Alexandria (Hospital Ship format) 2 May - 4 May 1915

Alexandria to Gallipoli 9 -11 Sep 1915

7 Jun 1916 - 14 Jun 1916