HMT Manitoa

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Name HMT Manitoa
Builder/Built 1897 Furness, Withy & Co, West Hartlepool
Type passenger / cargo ship (single screw)
Displacement 6,849 tons
Speed 13 knots


Built originally for the Wilson & Furness-Leyland Line, in the early 1900s she was transferred to the Red Star Line. From June 1902 to 1914 she worked the Antwerp to Philadelphia route for that company.

When the German army captured Antwerp in August 1914 she transferred to Liverpool and was converted to carry 1,100 persons in third class and given extra lifeboats.

From 1915 the Manitou served as a British military transport, and as such she seems to have survived at least three separate attacks by U-Boats while operating in the Mediterranean.

The Manitou survived World War One and was transferred back to the Red Star Line, where she was fitted to carry 1,100 third class passengers, and renamed Poland.

Soldiers carried

Alexandria to Mudros 2 - 5 Oct 1915

Alexandria to Marseilles 17 - 24 June 1916

Alexandria to Plymouth 3 - 15 May 1918