HMT Teutonic

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Name HMT Teutonic
Builder/Built 1889 Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Type Ocean Liner (twin screw)
Displacement 9,984 tons
Speed 20.5 knots


Built for the White Star Line to use on the trans Atlantic Liverpool to New York route.

Although she could carry 1,490 passengers, she was also the UK's first ship built to readily converted to an armed Merchant Cruiser and carried eight 4.7" guns whenever she was required.

During the Boer War she served as a troop transport. Remarkably she also encountered a tsunami which was high enough to wash two lookouts out of the crows nest, yet survive without any other loss due to it being evening with no one on deck.

In 1913 she very narrowly avoided an iceberg, passing within 6 metres of it in dense fog.

During WW1 served as an Armed Merchant Cruiser primarily, having been refitted with 6" guns, but also carried troops when required.

She was scrapped in 1921 at Emden.

Soldiers carried

New York to Liverpool 14 June - 2 July 1918