HQ 5th Australian Salvage Depot

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Brief History

In 1940 AASC was given responsibility for salvage operations and 5th Military District Salvage Unit was likely to have been raised then. In December 1941 they were mobilised at Karrakatta, and were renamed HQ 5th Australian Salvage Depot when the 23rd Line of Communication Salvage Section was raised. The unit was responsible for processing and distributing salvage material gained around WA by the23rf L of C Salv Sec as well as those gathered by the salvage units of 3rd Australian Corps. In August 1942, as troop numbers increased an additional unit, the 38th L of C Salv Sec was formed. With the decrease in troops in Western Australia need for the service decreased until in September 1944 the HQ 5th Australian Salvage Depot and its two L of C salvage sections were the last salvage units in the state, continuing to operate until the end of the war.

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