HS Re d'Italia

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Name HS Re d'Italia
Builder/Built 1906 Sir J. Laing & Sons, Sunderland
Type Passenger liner
Displacement 6,560 tons
Speed 15 kots


SS Re d'Italia was an Italian ocean liner for Lloyd Sabaudo named for the King of Italy (Italian: Re d'Italia). Launched in 1906, she sailed between Italy and New York and South America for most of her career. During World War I she was employed as a troopship and for a time carried wounded form Malta to England. She had two funnels, two masts, and twin screws with accommodation for 120-1st and 1,900-3rd class passengers.

In 1920, she was refitted to carry second and third class passengers only. She continued Mediterranean–New York sailings until 1922 when she was transferred to South American service. She was scrapped in Genoa during 1929.

Soldiers carried

Malta to England 26 September - 3 October 1915