Lila Jean Fancote

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Lila Jean Fancote
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Headstone Information
Date of Birth 19 October 1917
Age at Death 81 years
Additional Names Charles Fancote (St Mary-in-the-Valley)
Caroline Fancote
Sarah Alice Fancote
Thomas Fancote
Edward Charles Fancote
Transcription Edward Charles Fancote. Grandson of Charles and Caroline. Loved husband of Jean and father of Leslie, Rodney, and Beverley. Died 3rd June 1987. Aged 78 years. "Our Loved one at rest". Also Lila Jean Fancote. Loved wife of Ted. Died 10th February 1999 aged 81 years. "Together in Gods garden."

Early Life

Lila Jean Fancote (nee Sproston) was born in Collie, Western Australia on 19 October 1917.Known as Jean.


Lila married Edward Charles Fancote at Victoria Park in December 1947. Lila and Edward had three children Lesley Charles, Rodney John and Beverley Joan.

Community Involvement

Lila was a member of St. Mary's in the Valley Church Kelmscott. Her neighbour Jean Mezger and Jean would do the flowers at the church every Saturday afternoon at 2.00 pm.


Lila died at the age of 78 years on 10 February 1999 at Lathlain Nursing Home. Her ashes were interned at the Fancote (Charles snr) Grave. Along with her neighbour Jean Mezger they would prepare the flowers for the church every Saturday afternoon, right on time at 2.00 pm.