Liverpool POW & Intern Camp

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21 Nov 1945. Italian POWs topping onions in the camp's vegetable garden. AWM 123719

Brief History

Liverpool Internment Camp with a capacity of 500 was established in October 1939 at Liverpool in New South Wales. The camp was manned by a detachment from 'A' Company, 2nd Garrison Battalion. Early residents were German civilian internees transferred from Bathurst and Long Bay Gaol, until they were transferred to Dhurringile (Vic) and Orange (NSW) in February 1940. Men from other Garrison Battalions were rotated through the camp as guards.

With the increase in POW numbers the name was changed to reflect this i.e. Liverpool POW & Internment Camp. With the release of Italian prisoners to work in the agricultural industries in mid-1943, it became the home camp for all POWs in NSW with the exception of those in the Riverina district. At this time 21 Garrison Battalion was reduced to Company strength with a separate 2nd POW Control Company to manage those POW living in the community where they worked.

In April 1945 both the 21st Garrison Company and 2nd POW Control Company were absorbed into the Liverpool Internment & POW Camp responsible for managing the main camp, twenty seven POW outpost locations and two POAW hostels until the end of the war.

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