MS Taroona

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MS Taroona
Name MS Taroona
Builder/Built 1934 Alexander Stephen & Sons
Type passenger / cargo, twin screw
Displacement 4,325 tons
Speed 16 knots - could do 18 knots


Built for the Tasmanian Steamers Pty ltd to service the Melbourne - Bell Bay - Beauty Point - Melbourne - Devonport - Burnie - Melbourne route.

She was requisitioned for service as a troop ship in WW2 by New Zealand, and completing those duties the Australian government requisitioned here as a fast troop carrier. On her first trip to Port Moresby she ran aground on a reef while exiting the harbour, remaining there for three days before being able to shake herself free. Fortunately she was not bombed despite regular Japanese raids passing over her. During her war time duties she steamed 204,535 miles (approx. 341,000 kms) and carried 93,432 troops.

In 1959 she was sold to Typaidos Lines, renamed Hellas and departed for Greece where she was converted to a cruise ship. In 1966 she was laid up in Perama Bay until May 1989 when she was towed to Turkey and scrapped.

Soldiers carried

Townsville to Port Moresby 6 - 9 Jun 1944

Lae, New Guinea to Townsville 1 - 4 December 1944

Disembarked 5 Dec 1944