No. 32 Radar Station RAAF

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RAAF photo

Brief History

32 Radar Station RAAF, a fixed station or 'AW' station, was established on 16 Oct 1942 in Fremantle, and the personnel moved to Rottnest Island on 5 Nov 1942 to begin construction. AW, in RAAF terms, designated a fixed station us1ng the AW or AW Transportable aerial which was developed from the Army SHD equipment. These aerials had a heavy steel structure including a tower with electrically driven turning gear and required a concrete base. The equipment was housed in a concrete or other substantial building and did not rotate with the array.

The unit was still operating on Rottnest Island as late as 18 March 1946.

Unit Personnel


Content including the photo has come from Units of the Royal Australian Air Force - A Concise History - Volume 5 Radar Units page 82 - Australian Government Publishing Service - 1995.

This newspaper article indicates that perhaps five other, taller towers were also erected on the island.
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Trove - The Daily News Wed 10 Aug 1949

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