No. 3 School of Technical Training RAAF

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Brief History

On 26 February 1940, No. 3 School of Technical Training was established at in Ultimo, New South Wales. The first course of trainee fitters (No. 7), comprising 75 students, commenced on 4 Mar 1940 and concluded on 8 May. They were the first of 25,971 students who were trained at the School.

While facilities at the site improved and increased to match student numbers, the unit was also required to use of four local hotels as dormitories. The peak number of personnel at the School was 1,261 in January 1943. In addition to the normal technical trade courses, No. 3 School of Technical Training offered courses in such diverse subjects as fitter, motor boat, pay clerk, vulcaniser, self sealing fuel tank repair, electrical equipment overhaul, propeller courses, WAAAF handicraft, aluminum, carpenter, motor body builder and Japanese linguist. No. 3 School of Technical Training was disbanded on 31 Oct 1945.



Content comes from Units of the Royal Australian Air Force - A Concise History - Vol 8 Training Units, Australian Government Publishing Service, 1995

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